Israel Knesset

Story by Ajda Ender

Amir Ohana became the Speaker of the Parliament in Israel, and the whole world saw Israel’s respect for LGBTI Rights.

Israel and Amir Ohana showed the world that two men can start a family and that it is a human right for LGBTI individuals to start a family.

The fact that gay Amir Ohana is the speaker of parliament in Israel proved that LGBTI Individuals can be in politics, in parliament.

Using language that discriminates against the sexes is sexual harassment and is a psychosexual disease.

In the traditional heterosexist family structure, hate crimes against LGBTI individuals are legitimized in heterosexist families trying to manage their children’s gender.

The governments that incite the societies to hatred and hostility towards LGBTI individuals are committing crimes against humanity.

The governments of dark and reactionary societies are using hostile language against Trans Women, Women, LGBTI Individuals, leading societies to commit crimes, and reactionary governments are acting against international law.

Applying social violence against Trans Women, Women, LGBTI individuals and making sexist discriminatory hate speech is a psychosexual disease.

People who do not respect gender in society and attack the human rights of Trans Women, Women, LGBTI individuals are psychosexual patients who threaten society.

Transphobia, homophobia, misogyny are psychosexual diseases and crimes that threaten and harass societies.

LGBTI hostility is a mental and behavioral disease of dark minds.

Dark minds are mental and behavioral patients who commit hate crimes.

Governments of reactionary countries that commit crimes against humanity, justification of social, public hatred, discrimination should be punished by the courts.

The use of hostile language of hatred against Trans Women, LGBTI Individuals, and Women by dark-minded governments is evidence of the governments’ mental and behavioral disorders.

Reactionary-minded governments trying to usurp sexual freedom and freedom of thought pose a threat to world societies.

Governments in all world societies are temporary.

In all societies of the world, every government will be replaced by a new government.

All governments that attack the right to life of transgender women, LGBTI individuals, women, and perpetrate social violence and torture should be punished by the courts.

Governments of all countries must respect the human rights of Trans Women, LGBTI Individuals, Women.

All governments that incite the society to commit crimes of hatred and hostility towards Trans Women, LGBTI Individuals, and Women are acting in violation of international law and committing crimes against humanity.

Threatening genders by instilling sexist hatred and discrimination into society and creating an anxiety-centered society are international crimes.

LGBTI hostility is a mental and behavioral illness.

In world societies, all genders have the right to life and humanity.

Governments do not have the right to enslave the sexes and societies and to usurp their right to life.

Ignorance and underdevelopment are the dark side of societies.

Ignorant and dark governments lead societies to hostile acts of hatred and social crimes.

The fact that Amir Ohana is chairman of the Israeli parliament is progress for LGBTI rights and human rights in the world.

Israel’s human rights-respectful behavior towards heterosexist sovereign and heteropatriarchal governments should set an example for world societies.

Governments have no right to interfere and apply pressure on the genders.

Sexual freedom and freedom of thought cannot be chained.

People have the right to choose their own gender.
The sexes are independent and free.

Gender rights are human rights.


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