Nature And Animals Want To Live, Nature Want To Breath

Story by Ajda Ender

It is a crime to violate people’s right to life, there is nature living with people in the world, there are animals in nature. It is a crime to use violence against living beings in nature.

In nature, animals, cats and dogs are killed on the streets, animals are raped, the rights of cats, dogs and birds to eat and drink on the streets are being usurped. People kick water bowls and dinner plates animals are physically abused.

People are burning down houses where cats, dogs and birds live, society usurps the life rights of living creatures living in nature and on the streets, There are cats, dogs and other animals tortured and burned in the streets, nature and forests. There are horses that are tortured, animals that are slaughtered and killed for their skins, it is a crime to inflict violence on animals in nature, to usurp the lives of animals, and adequate penalties must be given in the law.

People who have cats and dogs in their homes are sometimes unwanted in the apartments, they have to move from the apartments, they are exposed to violence by the people in the apartment because they feed cats and dogs at home,

People who feed cats, dogs, birds in nature on the streets are subjected to violence and pressure by the society.

Nature slaughter continues, trees are cut down, forests are burned, violence against nature is taking away the rights of nature to the life of living things. Since there is no necessary and sufficient penal code in the law, violence against living things on the street and in nature, and violence against nature and nature have been continuing for years, necessary penal codes should be enacted and the society should be educated about respect.

Laws should be enacted for the protection of animals in the streets and in nature. Cats, dogs, birds, animals in nature, nature wants to live, we must provide food and water to cats, dogs, birds, horses and creatures in nature. We must protect the right to life of living things, and the health rights of animals.

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