The Bodies Of 29 People Were Unearthed In Russia At A Site Used By Nazis For Mass Executions

Excavations carried out in a Russian city have unearthed the remains of two dozen children and five adults executed by the Nazis.

The Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Kursk Region announced that that the remains of 29 people, 24 children and five adults, have been found in the city of Kursk in the Russian federal subject of the same name, in a statement shared on 17th August.

The committee said in the statement: “A group of activists in the territory of the Znamenskaya Grove found bone remains of at least 29 people, including children, on 14th August.”

They added: ” A forensic medical inspection team has been appointed to the site.”

Researches found the remains of 24 children and five adults on a territory known for being an execution site during World War II in Kursk, Russia.

The forensic team will be tasked with establishing exactly what happened to the people in the grave.

The excavation works are carried out by a group of activists working in the ‘No Statue of Limitations’ project which aims to spread recognition of the genocide of the Soviet people perpetrated by the Nazis between 1941-1945.

Local news site Life reports that the newly discovered remains are located in the same small patch in the Znamenskaya Grove where, in the last 20 years, around 3,000 bodies were found in the area and later buried at the memorial ‘Victims of Fascism’ in Kursk.

This is allegedly one of the biggest mass graves left behind by the German and Hungarian invaders during the city’s occupation during the Great Patriotic War between 22nd June 1941 and 9th May 1945.

The Great Patriotic War is a term used in Russia and some other former republics of the Soviet Union to describe the conflict fought along the many fronts of the Eastern Front of World War II primarily between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

The city of Kursk was liberated by the troops of the 60th Army of the Voronezh Fronton on 9th May, which is celebrated as ‘Victory Day’.

Because of massive losses among both military and civilians during the Great Patriotic War, Victory Day still remains one of the most important and emotional dates in Russia.

During the years of occupation, more than 18,000 civilians and about 10,000 war prisoners were killed in the region.

The 29 bodies are currently undergoing medical examinations after which they may also be buried at the memorial site.

It is unclear whether the bodies of all those killed have been found in the region.

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Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: James King, Agency:  Newsflash

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