Fisherman Makes Waves With Snaps Of Bizarre Looking Creatures He Catches In Oceans Depths

This Canadian fisherman is making a splash online with his photos of the bizarre-looking creatures he catches in the oceans’ depths.

Mackenzie William Sapier, 28, from Prince Edward Island in Canada, told Newsflash: “I’ve always been interested in wildlife and the ocean, but I became passionate about fishing after a long trip to Australia where I got to see so much sea life there I just wanted to catch and look at it all!

“The thing that interests me most is the design and colours and shapes of all the different wildlife in the ocean, which is what drives me to seek out new experiences and travel to see new things.”


He added: “Throwing the fish I catch back into the ocean is my favourite part because it allows me to satisfy my primal urge to catch the fish without removing the subject from the environment completely.”

Mackenzie said: “I love the diversity of the creatures on this planet. Releasing unintended targets and bycatch is a good way to help ensure there will be such diversity for the next generation.

“One fish I have stumbled across that amazes me is the northern pipefish, which is the only member of the seahorse family in North America and floats around looking just like a stick or piece of seaweed! Also the snailfish, a species from the benthic zone that has the widest range of depth of any fish. They have been seen as deep as 8,000 metres (26,247 feet).”

Mackenzie said: “Fishing is my job for part of the year when I fish snow crab and lobster, but I do a lot of recreational fishing as well as foraging for new species to photograph.”

He added: “Here’s a funny story, one time I was fishing on the beach while my girlfriend Stacy was with me flying her drone.

“A seagull suddenly got caught in my fishing line so I untangled it and released it.

“When the seagull flew in the air, Stacy tried to film it with her drone, but she ended up flying into the same fishing line the seagull was tangled in and smashed her drone to pieces.”

Mackenzie confessed: “It sucked, but it was quite funny as well!”

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Story By:  Arian Movileanu, Sub-Editor: James King, Agency: Newsflash

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