Russia Tests Deadly Transformers Robot Tank In Syria

These images show Russia’s deadly Uran-9 unmanned combat ground vehicle with the ‘Transformers’ logo printed on the side being put through its paces in northern Syria.

Initially developed by JSC 766 UPTK and most recently by the arms manufacturing company Kalashnikov Concern, the Uran-9 offers the Russian military’s combat, reconnaissance and counter-terrorism units with remote reconnaissance and fire support.

Video Credit: CEN/@AbraxasSpa

The unmanned killer tank, which was first deployed during the Syrian Civil War, boasts a 2A72 mod ABM M30-M3 autocannon, four anti-tank guided missiles as well as sensors, a laser rangefinder and other means of detecting the enemy.

One photo of the unmanned combat vehicle shows the logo from the ‘Transformers’ franchise printed on the side of it.

Initially designed in 2015, the Uran-9 was first deployed in Syria and eventually entered military service in January 2019.

Credit: CEN/@AbraxasSpa
Russian combat robot “Uran-9” is being tested in Syria

According to a performance report of the 3rd Central Research Institute of the Russian Ministry of Defence, the tank initially functioned poorly and was unable to carry out many of the missions assigned to it.

However, development continued and the killer Uranus-9 tank was recently spotted taking part in war games at a unique robotic complex in an undisclosed region in northern Syria, according to local media.

The tank took part in exercises, which included repelling militant attacks, with Russian and Syrian soldiers, according to reports.

Credit: CEN/@AbraxasSpa
Russian combat robot “Uran-9” is being tested in Syria

Local media said the robotic complex in Syria is located close to the north-western city of Idlib which was witnessed fierce fighting in recent days.

The Syrian war began when President Bashar al-Assad’s regime responded with military force against peaceful protesters demanding democratic reforms during the Arab Spring.

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Story By:  Anastasia SmirnovaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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