Plastic Waves Filmed At Enviro-Crisis South Africa Beach

This is the moment waves of plastic waste crash towards a South African beach in what activists have deemed a “crisis.”

The shocking scenes were posted online by Josh Redman from an unnamed beach in the city of Durban in the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal.

Video Credit: CEN/@vanillathegorilla

In the video, waves carrying huge amounts of plastic waste can be seen rolling to the shore.

Hundreds of plastic bottles and other waste can be seen in the choppy waters with the beach itself covered in rubbish.

Redman, told Central European News (CEN): “This is the result of our big summer rains flushing out all the pollution that had build up on riverbanks over our dry season which is our Winter. This has happened time and time again and our government are not dealing with it as the crisis it is.

Credit: CEN/@vanillathegorilla
Waves in South Africa with tons of plastic

“There need to be some international pressure put on them to work towards a solution because trying to get something done from ground level here in South Africa is impossible. This is Durbans main river mouth and it is also the biggest contributor of plastic pollution into the ocean in South Africa (sic)”.

It is unclear if the local government have taken action against the disposal of rubbish in the area.

Credit: CEN/@vanillathegorilla
The plastic rubbish seen in the waves

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