Kind Female Uni Prof That Rescued Hungry Puppies Is Beaten By Neighbours For Encouraging Strays

An animal-loving University professor in Italy was brutally beaten apparently by a family of neighbours who accused her of encouraging strays after she gave food and water to a mother pup struggling to feed three malnourished puppies.

Beatrice Lucrezia Orlando, 42, a professor at the University of Ferrara was left with a black eye and broken teeth in the attack by the family of four living next to her holiday home who savagely bear her in the town of Tortora in the Italian southwestern region of Calabria.

Beatrice took to social media on 7th August to share the images of the bruising and swelling left behind by the attack.

The professor, who was on holiday when the attack occurred, explained that she was attacked by four people whilst strolling through the streets of Tortora.

The local news site Today reports that Beatrice was attacked after she was seen helping a stray dog and its three puppies.

According to Today, Beatrice was walking her own dog when she heard yelps neat a parked car behind her holiday home.

She dropped her dog back in the house and then walked over to the yelps to find a stray dog struggling with its three malnourished puppies.

She alerted the National Animal Protection Agency and gave the pups some food and water.

The act of kindness was met with condemnation from one of Beatrice’s neighbours who accused her of bringing stray dogs into the neighbourhood and of leaving dog food lying around.

Today reports that Beatrice chose to avoid confrontation and went back inside and the dogs were taken away two days later by National Animal Protection Agency.

After the dogs were taken away by the National Animal Protection Agency Beatrice was stopped by the same neighbour who had previously confronted her.

She told Today: “I was confronted by the woman, her husband, her son and another young woman on my way home.”

She said that the group attacked her with the neighbour slapping her whilst her son punched her repeatedly all over the body.

After they finished beating her they left her in the street and warned her that if she reported the incident to anyone they would come back and kill her.

The incident was reported to local police who have begun their investigation.

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Story By: Tijana Milikj, Sub-Editor: James King, Agency:  Newsflash

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