Kind FB Users Pay Off Swindled 61yo Mans Debts

Kindhearted Facebook users have paid off a 61-year-old builder’s debts after he was reportedly swindled by a co-worker.

Mexican construction worker Alberto Vale Avitia took out two bank loans of 19,000 MXN (760 GBP) at Banco Azteca and BanCoppel in the municipality of Loreto in the north-western Mexican state of Baja California Sur, according to local media.

He was allegedly swindled by his colleague Fernando Amador Escobar who worked on the same building site as a paramedic.

Credit: CEN/America Leal
Alberto Vale Avitia

Reports said that Escobar asked his 61-year-old colleague to take out two bank loans for him before later disappearing without returning any of the money.

The case was reported on Facebook by concerned netizen ‘America Leal’ who wrote: “Unfortunately, Mr Alberto was the victim of someone, a colleague who works with him as a paramedic, who stole 19,000 MXN (760 GBP) from him.

“He has debts at two banks after the theft, and every day he goes to the Public Ministry to ask for help finding the culprit, but they tell him they cannot help him.”

Credit: CEN/America Leal
Alberto Vale Avitia

Facebook user ‘Glan RiSan’ said that she spoke with the victim on the building site before publishing the details for two bank accounts and asking for donations for the desperate man.

‘Glan RiSan’ wrote: “Let’s make it our good deed of the year to help this elderly man find peace. My heart broke when I saw him, let’s adopt him this Christmas.”

According to local media, Vale Avitia received 67,000 MXN (2,685 GBP) in donations of between 10 MXN (0.4 GBP) and 300 MXN (12 GBP).

The victim has already paid off the bank loans and will keep the rest of the cash as his work on the building site finishes in December, according to reports.

Credit: CEN/@gladys.l.rios
Alberto Vale Avitia

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Story By: Jonathan MaciasSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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