New James Bond Film Sparks Environmental Protests

Environmentalists have filed protests against the filming of the new James Bond film starring Daniel Craig in rural Norway complaining snow has been removed in the area and buildings have been built to be blown up.

Reports state the producers of the film have been handed licences from the government to film in the picturesque woodland in the Trehorningen area in Akershus County in southern Norway.

Credit: CEN/@Skiforeningen
Trekkers who regularly hike and ski in the area reacted negatively to large areas of the nature being cleared of snow

Local media report trekkers and skiers in the area have now filed protests against filming in the area, with local skiing association Skiforeningen having already diverted one ski slope to make room for the filming area, according to reports.

The locals were reportedly worried about the lasting impact on the environment and say that snow has been cleared from the area with wooden logs being used as a replacement to make temporary car parks.

Reports state that locals also believe a wooden building has been constructed only to be blown up for the film, but officials have claimed that all traces of the filming will be gone by spring.

Local foresting company Lovenskiold have reportedly leased out cabins and land to the producers behind the “B25” project which is said to have been given 47 million NOK (4.14 million GBP) from Norway’s state film institute.

Credit: CEN
“B25″ has secured NOK 47 million (around 4,14 million GBP) in public support from the Norwegian state film institute

The film, starring Daniel Craig, will be the 25th in the James Bond series and is set to be released in early 2020.

Local woman Marie Lokken, 81, who has rented her barn out to the film crew, told reporters the filming “will be kind of fun” but added that she had not told “anyone outside of the family” about it.

More information about the secretive film is expected to be given at a press briefing to be held in London on 4th March.

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Story By: Alex CopeSub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency:  Central European News


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