Kanye West and Anti-Semitism

Story by Ajda Ender

Kanye West’s anti-Semitic speeches are a hate crime that incites the world’s communities to hatred and enmity.

In the world societies, it is tried to create fear societies with hostile discourses against people’s races, religions and genders.

People’s instilling toxic thoughts into societies with hate speech leads societies to commit hate crimes.

It is a crime against humanity that Kanye West targets Jewish people with anti-Semitic speeches.

Racist crimes progressing in America and around the world are human rights violations.

Hate speech and hateful acts against people in the world societies because of their race, religion and gender are against international law and are crimes against humanity.

Kanye West is acting against the law and international conventions with his anti-Semitic speeches.

Years ago, people were killed and injured in attacks on synagogues.

Kanye West’s anti-Semitic speeches are an attack on people’s right to life.

Hate attacks on ethnic cultural differences and violations of the right to life are legitimized in the world’s societies.

The anti-Semitic speeches of Kanye West, who instill hatred and hostile thoughts in society, are against human rights.

Kanye West’s anti-Semitic speeches are psychological social violence and torture.

World societies need to respect all races, religions, languages and genders.

Ethnic cultural differences should be respected in world societies.

People of different religions are excluded in their homes and social lives, stigmatized with hate speech, exposed to mental and behavioral violence, and traumatized by the society that restricts their lives.

People from different religions are afraid to go to churches, mosques and synagogues due to psychological, physical and social violence and pressure.

People are subjected to violence because of their religion and hate crimes are committed against people of different religions and races.

Judging people because of their religious beliefs, stigmatizing, using violence and applying social pressure are crimes in international conventions.

Societies in which the hate mentality is dominant are the societies that are left behind and cannot progress.

Societies in which hate crimes are legitimized are those that lag behind mentally.

Toxic hate speech is a disease, and toxic hate speech creates societies with criminals.

The hate mentality needs to be cured.

Hate crimes and violence are diseases.

The legitimation of ethnic cultural racism in world societies is an attack on human rights.

Transforming the language of anger and hatred into racist attacks is a danger to the world’s societies.

People who make provocative and poisonous hate speech cause murders, physical and psychological violence in societies and drag societies to crime.

It is ignorance and underdevelopment to incite societies to provocation and hate crimes.

Minds condemned to ignorance and darkness commit hate crimes.

Undeveloped ignorant mindsets drag societies into darkness.

Developed healthy thoughts create societies that are enlightened and respectful of human rights.

World societies that respect human rights are possible with healthy behaviors and a healthy perspective.

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