George Floyd, Breathe, America, Africa, France

Story by Ajda Ender

George Floyd I Can’t Breathe

While the American Police killed George Floyd by committing racist hate crimes, George Floyd told the policeman who killed him that he could not breathe.

George Floyd’s words I can’t breathe became the symbol of the social and psychological war of the world’s societies.

George Floyd’s words I can’t breathe became a symbol of racist hate crimes.

World societies cannot breathe in social and psychological wars.

George Floyd became a symbol of the human rights of all black people.

The world’s societies are having a nervous breakdown.

Nervous wars are taking place in the world’s societies.

The racist hate speech of French lawmaker Gregoire de Fournas against black lawmaker Carlos Martens Bilongo showed the world the racial hate crimes in France.

Racism against black people and Africans is legitimized in America, France and in all societies of the world.

There is a derogatory view and exclusionary racist behavior towards blacks and Africans in the world’s societies.

Racist violence against black people in violation of human rights is disrespectful to people’s race.

The reactionary mentality that tries to capture the world is spreading the crimes of racism to the world.

World societies can’t breathe.

The progress of social, economic, psychological, sexual and physical violence in the world societies is the indicator of the nervous wars of the world societies.

In world societies where social and psychological hurricanes are experienced, people create a nervous war by applying violence to each other.

People with no self-confidence use violence.

It does not apply violence to people with self-confidence because of their race, religion, language, gender or for any reason.

A person without self-confidence is a person full of fear.

A person who lacks self-confidence and is afraid commits violence.

People who lack self-confidence and are condemned to fear create social wars.

The reactionary mentality’s efforts to create fearful societies spread the crimes of racism and sexism.

Reactionary mentalities, with their reactionary thoughts, want to create the mental and social collapse of world societies.

The fact that underdeveloped mentalities try to enslave societies and want to condemn them to reactionary mentality is dragging societies into nervous wars.

Racism, sexism and all hate crimes are threatening societies with a reactionary mentality.

The reactionary mentality that legitimizes hate crimes is doomed to live in its mental cage.

Racism is a human rights violation.

Racism is a crime against humanity.

Racism, sexism and hate crimes are attacks on people’s right to life.

World societies must respect the right to life of all races and all genders.

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