Heteropatriarchy Prosecutors and Social Massacre

Story by Ajda Ender

Heteropatriarchal Prosecutors practice social murder against Trans Women, LGBTI Individuals and Women.

Heteropatriarchal prosecutors who legitimize hate attacks against Trans Women, Women and LGBTI Individuals are committing hate crimes.

Heteropatriarchal prosecutors advocating heterosexist violence in society legitimize the attack on the lives of Trans Women, LGBTI Individuals.

Threats of Heteropatriarchal Prosecutors against Trans Women, LGBTI Individuals is a violation of human rights.

Heteropatriarchal Prosecutors and Heteropatrical Courts support the heterosexist society attacks that threaten the existence of Trans Women, LGBTI Individuals in social life, who are trying to make them vulnerable in the society.

Prosecutors and courts, where the reactionary mentality is dominant, are dragging the society into darkness.

Heterosexist prosecutors and courts, which plunge the society into darkness, attack the rights of Trans Women and LGBTI Individuals to social life.

Trans women and LGBTI individuals living under the threat of heterosexist attacks in all areas of society are subjected to legal torture by prosecutors.

Social murders are practiced in world societies against Trans Women and LGBTI Individuals who are faced with hate crimes and toxic hate speech.

Social murder is to usurp the right to life of Trans Women, LGBTI Individuals in the society.

Social murder is to apply social, economic, sexual, psychological and physical violence to Trans Women and LGBTI Individuals.

Trans Women, LGBTI Individuals, whose right to life is constantly usurped, are constantly faced with social murder due to heteropatriarchal violence.

The social slaughter of the reactionary mentality causes the social death of Trans Women and LGBTI Individuals.

The toxic thoughts of the heterosexist oppressive mentality dominate the society and attack the lives of Trans Women and LGBTI Individuals.

Prosecutors, courts protecting those who violate the gender and life rights of Trans Women, LGBTI Individuals, insult Trans Women, LGBTI Individuals with their poisonous behavior.

Heteropatriarchal prosecutors, heteropatriarchal courts, who use their toxic, reactionary mindset against Trans Women and LGBTI Individuals, protect criminals who torture Trans Women and LGBTI Individuals.

Transphobic prosecutors who violate the law and human rights, violate the European Convention on Human Rights and International Conventions, Transphobic courts commit hate crimes with a hate perspective.

Heterosexist-minded prosecutors and heterosexist-minded courts are a threat to world societies.

Hate-minded prosecutors incite society to hatred, enmity and crime

The prosecutors who protect those who commit hate crimes, murderers, abusers, rapists, violators of the right to life, violators of human rights are not prosecutors, they are criminal gangs that are complicit in the crime.

The prosecutor who commits a hate crime by hiding behind the appearance of a prosecutor is a criminal of humanity and hate.

Transphobic prosecutors pose a threat to the world’s societies as they incite them to hatred, murder and crime.

Transphobic prosecutors are a social threat.

Reactionary-minded prosecutors who legitimize gender inequality are committing a social massacre against the genders of Trans Women, LGBTI Individuals.

The social massacre carried out by the prosecutors against Trans Women, LGBTI Individuals and Women is dragging the societies into darkness.

Heteropatriarchal prosecutors, who try to instill their dark mentality into the society, are poisoning the society with their dark mentality.

Prosecutors, condemned to ignorance and dark mentality, must respect the right to life of Trans Women, LGBTI Individuals, Women, and protect their human rights.

Hate-minded prosecutors who practice legal harassment against trans women, LGBTI individuals and women and commit social murder should be punished by law.

Prosecutors get their salaries from the taxes paid by the society.

Prosecutors must respect all ethnic and cultural differences, genders, races, religions, languages and human rights in societies.

Prosecutors must exist to protect human rights.

The mentality of ignorance is a disease, the mentality of ignorance drives society to crime.

Prosecutors must protect and respect the social and vital rights of Trans Women.

Heteropatriarchal prosecutors threaten the world’s societies.

Heteropatriarchal prosecutors threaten the right to life of Trans Women, LGBTI Individuals and Women.

Trans Women, LGBTI Individuals, Women’s lives and human rights must be protected.

World societies should respect the lives and human rights of Trans Women, LGBTI Individuals and Women.

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