Social and Economic Earthquake in Pandemic, Violations of Right to Work, Sex Workers in Pandemic Threat.

Story by Ajda Ender

The pandemic that affects the whole world is usurping people’s right to work, the pandemic inflicts economic violence on people. Economic violence has turned into social violence. People are forced to live in a social economic earthquake in the pandemic.

Work is a human right. People’s right to work has been usurped in the pandemic.

Societies were condemned to unemployment, lack of money and helpless life. The epidemic that caused economic violence caused people to close their jobs.

People working in the business areas that had to close in the pandemic were condemned to unemployment, lack of money and despair. People who had to pay their house rents, people who had to pay their bills, could not even find money to buy food. Social and economic violence turned into psychological violence.

Social and economic violence created by the pandemic also affected night life workers. Nightlife, which was closed for months, created an army of unemployed people with the effect of the pandemic, the pandemic caused social and economic earthquakes, nightlife employees who were unemployed for months, were sentenced to despair.

Sex workers working under social and physical threats in the patriarchal society were unemployed due to the pandemic. The health threats of sex workers working under health threats increased due to the pandemic. sex workers, who did not have the right to access health, were unemployed.

The European Court of Human Rights has defined work as a human right.

Working is a Human Right.

It is a crime to usurp people’s right to work        


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