Gorilla Strolling Like Human Wows Zoo Visitors

This is the Darwin moment when a zoo gorilla seems to have evolved to walk so perfectly upright that it could be mistaken for its keeper.

The great ape – filmed on an unnamed tourist’s phone in a zoo in Hebei Province, northern China – stood literally head and shoulders above its companions in its enclosure.


While other gorillas forage for food in the undergrowth, one can be seen striding across the enclosure behind them.

One hand rests on its chest as if carrying a clipboard, while the other swings nonchalantly as its side seems to set off at a fast stroll.

Then when it reaches a circular window into the ape living quarters it hops in and disappears from view.

Upright, the gorilla seems to measure at least six feet tall.

The video – shared later on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok – attracted widespread attention.

Many netizens jokingly asked if the gorilla was out doing errands.

Douyin user ‘People’s Artist Fan Daqi’ said in a comment: “This must be a staff member pretending to be a gorilla.”

Gorilla walks upright at zoo in Hebei, China, undated. Gorillas use the form of walking on all fours. (vip.188168/AsiaWire )
Gorilla walks upright at zoo in Hebei, China, undated. Gorillas use the form of walking on all fours. (vip.188168/AsiaWire )

Another user – ‘Y .’ – said: “In fact, apes have already evolved so much that they now only pretend they can’t walk upright because they don’t want to be made go to work.”

Although gorillas usually get around on their legs and their knuckles, they can stand up but don’t usually walk upright for long.

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Story By: Simona KitanovskaSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Asia Wire Report

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