Eco Nuts Who Trashed Luxury Yacht With Paint Face Jail

Eco activists who daubed a wealthy woman’s luxury yacht with orange paint have been warned they could face up to five years in jail.

The four protestors boarded the 30-metre (100-feet) ‘Lady M’ crusier daubing it all over in bright tangerine paint on 20th June last year (2023).

Photographs show the yach covered in paint at its berth in the Baltic Sea harbour Neustadt, Schleswig-Holstein State, Germany.

Then they poured green paint into the water and unfurled banners accusing posh people of being responsible for crop shortfalls, prosecutors said on 31st January.

The stunt left the owner of the yacht, 86-year-old businesswoman Hella Mohr from nearby Pinneberg, with a cleaning bill of at least EUR 250,000 (GBP 213,000).

Prosecutors told local media the activists, part of Germany’s Just Stop Oil-style Last Generation group, are under investigation for damage to property and trespassing.

A spokesperson revealed that a total of eight suspects could be charged with being part of a criminal organisation, which carries a penalty of up to five years in imprisonment.

Picture shows the sprayed yacht Lady M in Neustadt on the Baltic Sea, Germany. The perpetrators face five years in prison. (Newsflash)

The campaigners, who filmed their stunt, were originally detained but released after being interrogated by police.

Kay Mohr, the son of the yacht owner, angrily rejected claims that his parents were part of Germany’s super-wealthy elite.

He told local media: “My parents toiled 12 hours a day and six days a week.”

Eco Activists Spray World Clock Orange

And he said his mother, who runs a retail firm, bought the vessel in 1995 and that his late dad had always wished to own a yacht.

He added: “The news about the attack came as a shock to my mum. She is devastated and we worry about her health.”

Hella Mohr added: “We are not a rich family. I still go to work each day.

“I’ve never done any harm to anybody. I cannot understand why people do such things.

“Why are they blindly destroying the possessions of others?”

A trial date has not yet been set.

Picture shows the sprayed yacht Lady M in Neustadt on the Baltic Sea, Germany. The perpetrators face five years in prison. (Newsflash)

Social media users were outraged by the paint attack.

One, ‘nicolebrinkmann6449’, commented: “Pouring green paint into the sea is such a valuable contribution to the protection of the environment. Well done!”

Another ‘DirkOhde’, said: “I’m not aware of the beneficial effect of pouring green paint into the water when it comes to fighting the increasing proliferation of algae in the port basin.”

And ‘JustForFun2801’ claimed: “They will soon realise that rich people can afford excellent lawyers.”

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Story By: Thomas Hochwarter, Sub-Editor: Thomas Hochwarter, Agency: Newsflash

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