Cat Pierced Right Through Body By Bow Thug


Pet cat shot with a bow and arrow by a cruel yob suffers in agony.

The black and white moggie, called Chico, was rescued from the streets in Sinop, in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil, with the arrow sticking straight through his body.

Looking dazed, the critically wounded puss seems exhausted and in too much pain to move as the clip ends.

Chico, according to local media, died on 30th January after an emergency op by a veterinary surgeon to remove the arrow.

Picture shows the cat injured with an arrow in Sinop, Brazil, undated. The animal died after complications. (CEN)

It is believed local thugs had been taking potshots at the poor animal in a sick game.

Vet Kennedy Juarez also found a pellet from a BB gun inside the cat’s body, according to local media.

Despite the successful op, Chico died from an infection that spread rapidly to the rest of his body.

Animal rights activist Patricia Aline Fruhling, from Projeto Melhor Amigo (Best Friend Project said: “I was very afraid of receiving this sad news. But unfortunately, you couldn’t handle it Chico.

“Just now I received this news that you couldn’t handle it. Go in peace.”

Picture shows the cat’s injuries, undated. The animal died in Sinop, Brazil. (CEN)

Patricia, who planned to adopt the puss, added: “Evil has ended here on earth, now you are a star who has moved many people with the evil they did to you.

“Before you went, you knew love.”

The arrow had pierced Chico’s stomach and hit his spleen and gallbladder and an airgun pellet was found lodged in his chest.

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Vet Juarez said: “He presented complications related to the sepsis that caused his death.

“We fought together with Chico from the beginning, losing him was never an option, but there are certain situations that are out of our hands.”

It is unclear who shot the cat and if a complaint has been filed with the police.

Picture shows the cat that was injured with an arrow, undated. The animal died in Sinop, Brazil. (CEN)

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Story By: Joseph GolderSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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