Doctors Remove Huge Ball Of Parasitic Worms That Had Been Feasting On Girl’s Liver


Doctors in Russia have removed a huge ball of parasitic worms from a Russian girl’s liver that had begun feasting on her living body.

The young girl, who has not been named, complained to doctors in Kazan, in the Tatarstan region of Russia, about severe abdominal pain months ago.

They diagnosed her with a serious case of echinococcus, a type of parasitic worm, and prescribed her medication to kill them as they were “eating up” her liver.

They then removed the mass of worms three months later.

Picture shows a huge ball of worms from the liver of a 19-year-old patient in Kazan, Russia, undated. Surgeons removed it. (@rkb_tatarstan/Newsflash)

They had to remove a third of her liver as well but said that she is now going well with a good prognosis for returning to full fitness as the liver is the one organ in the body that can regenerate itself.

Newsflash obtained a statement from the Republican Clinical Hospital of Tatarstan dated 13th December saying: “Doctors of the Republican Clinical Hospital of Tatarstan removed a huge echinococcus (parasite) from the liver of a 19-year-old girl.

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“A few months ago, the girl went to the doctors complaining of severe abdominal pain. During the examinations, doctors discovered a huge lump of parasitic worms in the girl’s liver, which had formed into a giant cyst measuring 20 by 15 centimetres [7.87 by 5.9 inches].

“Doctors prescribed the girl treatment with medications to kill the parasites. And three months later, the patient went for surgery at the surgery department No. 2 of the RCH. The worms attacked healthy liver tissue, so surgeons had to remove almost a third of the organ.

Picture shows surgeons during operation in Kazan, Russia, undated. They removed a huge ball of worms from the liver of a 19-year-old patient. (@rkb_tatarstan/Newsflash)

“Now the patient feels well and is already on the mend.”

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Story By: Joseph GolderSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Newsflash

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