Constipated Turtle Hilariously Tricked Into Taking Nasty-Tasting Medicine

A turtle owner manages to trick their greedy pet into taking nasty medicine by offering it real food.

The funny video starts off with the unnamed owner of the saw-shelled turtle coming up with a clever trick to get it to take the medicine for constipation at the family home in Harbin, a sub-provincial city and the provincial capital of China’s Heilongjiang Province.

The vet had prescribed a nasty-tasting white powder that the turtle refused to eat, but it opened its mouth wide and stretched its neck out to try and get the tasty tidbit that was offered to it from a pair of tweezers.

However, when its mouth was fully open, the crafty owner then tipped the powder onto its tongue leaving the turtle stunned and confused at what just happened.


But it appeared not to have learned the lesson, and the owner continued to repeat the stunt until the turtle ate all of the white powder.

Online commentators on Douyin, the Chinese TikTok, where the footage was shared on 16th April, like user’Tart Lemon’ said: “This is what I did to my son when he was little.

“I would take something delicious to coax him to open his mouth and then quickly put the medicine in his mouth.”

And user ‘Xiao Li Wants To Be Happy’ said: “I found someone who is more constipated than me.”

While the user ‘Hua Hua Hua Hua’ said: “Turtles are so smart. Even though they can’t speak, they feel very spiritual.”

The saw-shelled turtle (Myuchelys latisternum), also known as the serrated snapping turtle or common sawshell turtle, is a species of turtle originating from Australia.

It is characterised by a brown to dark-brown shell that has marginal serrations, which gives it its name.

An owner uses food to trick a saw-shelled turtle (Myuchelys latisternum) into taking medicine in Harbin, Heilongjiang, China, undated. The video was posted on Douyin the Chinese version of TikTok. (achu1995/AsiaWire)

It has a large head with a projecting snout and its feet are webbed and have claws.

The saw-shelled turtle is an omnivore and mainly feeds on fish, tadpoles, frogs, crustaceans, snails, and various insects.

To find out more about the author, editor or agency that supplied this story – please click below. Story By: Aloysius Fernandes, Sub-Editor: Simona Kitanovska, Agency: Asia Wire Report

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