Bungling Road Workers Paint Over Dead Cats Body

Bungling Romanian road workers have apparently painted over the body of a dead cat lying in the middle of the road without bothering to remove it.

Images show the dead cat with a white line painted over its body and the animal’s noticeable outline after it was eventually removed from the road.

The cat was apparently hit and killed by a motorist in the commune of Calopar in the southern Romanian county of Dolj.

According to news channel Digi 24, local residents and netizens were outraged that the road workers did not bother to move the dead cat.

Credit: Real Press
Road marking over a dead cat

Meanwhile, road painters reportedly claimed that it was not their job to remove the animal’s body from the road.

However, Alin Golumbeanu, spokesperson for the Regional Directorate of Roads and Bridges, said: “It was their responsibility to notice the cat and check that the road was cleared. Of course, the markings need to be fixed.”

Calopar mayor Marin Catalina told reporters of Digi 24: “The problem needs to be sorted. The cat has been removed from there and now workers have to come back and redo the line.”

Officials also confirmed that an investigation is underway.

Credit: Real Press
Road marking over a dead cat

Netizen ‘Elena Edu’ commented: “I cannot believe that no one got out of their car to at least move it so others would not drive over it. I had to go there and move it to a grass verge before arranging its removal. I paid for the cremation too. How hard is it to be humane?”

Social media user ‘Hatis Roxana’ said: “These people are a waste of oxygen, they only leave disaster behind them.”

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Story By: Sergiu NazaruSub Editor:  Alex CopeAgency: Real Press

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