Lazy Big Cat Hitches A Lift Around Safari Park

Put a tiger in your tank was a popular advertising slogan but this particular tiger seems to have taken it too literally after it ended up sprawled out on the car’s bonnet.

The massive white tiger scrambled onto the bonnet of the safari vehicle at the Yinji Animal Kingdom, taking a group of tourists on a drive around the attractions.

The park, located in Henan, an inland province of China, has several tigers, including this rare white tiger, which was reportedly filmed on 18th April.


The huge beast was initially standing up, but as the car started to move, it seemed to be enjoying itself and eventually lay down while peering worryingly inside the car as if looking for a snack.

Online commentators like ‘Xiaoxue Is Here’ said: “This tiger is really hungry.”

And user ‘Oops Ouch Ouch’ said: “People in the car, please get some meat for the big cat.”

While the user ‘Fallen Faith’ said: “This perspective makes me have to ask who is watching whom in the cage?”

Tourists car is blocked by a tiger lying on the hood at Yinji Animal Kingdom in Hunan, China, undated. The video was posted on Douyin the Chinese version of TikTok. (AsiaWire)

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