Cold Case Cobra Gets A Hot Bath In South Africa

This is the moment a near six-foot-long cobra slithers in a South African snake catcher’s bathtub after being spotted by nervous construction workers.

The incident was filmed by Andre du Preez, who runs the ‘Silverfox Snake Rescues’, at his home in the town of Worcester in the South African province of Western Cape.

Andre, who has managed his snake handling company for 35 years, told Newsflash: “Construction workers called me when they came across the snake. I immediately went there on my motorbike. When people saw the snake, they all ran away.

Credit: Newsflash

“I put the snake in my backpack and rode home. The first thing I did was to check if it had any injuries. She was okay, but very cold and that is not always good for some snakes. I took her into the bathroom and ran her a bath.

“They pick up heat through their skin, and I also pour salt in the bath sometimes, it’s almost like a drip for people.”

He added: “The cobra is okay now and being kept in a temperature-controlled tank. She just ate for the first time.”

Andre, who lives with his wife, has over 10 snakes at home along with three tarantulas and several scorpions.

Credit: Newsflash

He told Newsflash: “Snakes are my first love. When you catch a snake, the most important thing is to treat her like you would treat a woman. You don’t grab her, you should be gentle.

“I approach snakes and handle them like a lady. When you respect them, snakes are mellow.”

Andre said: “I go out on two or three calls a day. I always worked alone, but I now have three young women aged between 18 and 21 who also help with the snakes.

“I give classes to children and farmers for the African Snakebite Institute and I take part in three snake awareness seminars every month in the summer.”

Andre told Newsflash that he was called to another construction site to catch a 1.7-metre-long, dark-brown cobra several days after the one in the video.

Credit: Newsflash
The second 1.7m. long dark brown cobra found on a construction side, named Hania

He said: “It will be released with the other cobra in around 10 days.”

The snake catcher added: “In my whole life I have never been bitten by a snake. The most dangerous ones to catch are those found in kitchens and cars.

“Yes, I have to be afraid of snakes, but I treat them with respect. They are only defending themselves.”

Andre told Newsflash that his motto is: “Rescue. Relocate. Educate.”

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Story By:  Sofija Dizdarevik, Sub-Editor: Michael Leidig, Agency: Newsflash

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