Conjoined Twins Who Shared Genitals Separated In 9Hr Op

These conjoined baby twins who shared genitals are now living happy lives apart after 44 doctors and nurses carried out a successful nine-hour operation to separate their private parts.

Twins Gianluca and Santino were born on 20th September 2018 weighing 1.8 kilogrammes in a healthy condition as they could breathe by themselves at the Foundation Hospitalaria in the Nunez neighbourhood of the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires.

Credit: CEN/Fundacion Hospitalaria
The scheme of the surgery done by the doctors

Their parents, Evelyn and Jonatan Figueroa had been told the twins were conjoined at the pelvis in the third month of pregnancy and Evelyn was sent to the hospital after just 17 weeks of pregnancy.

After receiving special treatment Evelyn gave birth to the twins after 34 weeks of pregnancy in a caesarean operation.

Carolina Millan, Coordinator of Paediatric Surgery at Foundation Hospitalaria, told local media: “We found two babies joined at the perineum (the area between the anus and the scrotum) that should be separated trying to minimise the possible complications, with a very positive family.”

Credit: CEN/Telenueve
The twins after the surgery

The twins also shared genitals and the surgery to separate them took place on 22nd June but has only just been reported in local media. 

Reports state that 44 healthcare professionals participated in the surgery during the whole process, including four paediatric surgeons, three plastic surgeons, three urologists, one cardiologist, three anaesthesiologists, nurses, law doctors, lawyers and other staff from the foundation.

Sergio Paikovsky, Deputy Director of Gynaecology at the foundation, said that it was the first time twins joined by their pelvis and perineum had been separated in Argentina, saying: “They were stuck together through the bottom, they had all the genital apparatus joined and shared the gastrointestinal system.”

Father Jonatan, told local media that “we were very nervous, but we always were positive”, and added that “now they have more mobility and they are fine, they are two independent boys”.

Credit: CEN/Telenueve
The twins after the surgery

Local media report the surgery involved separating the skin covering the penis and the scrotum which they shared. The perineum and anus were also divided, with the anus being reconstructed.

They will have to undergo further surgery in a few months to complete the reconstruction of their urinary systems.

Both boys were hospitalised for 10 days after the surgery but are now at home with their parents.

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Story By: Ana LacasaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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