Cops Called To Rescue Swan Find Car Exhaust Doppelganger

Cops called to rescue a baby swan stranded on the side of a road were shocked to find the ‘animal’ was actually a car exhaust which bore a striking resemblance to the bird.

Police in Switzerland’s largest city Zurich were called to rescue a stranded baby swan on the roadside and a police spokesman said: “We got a call to say there was a young swan who was sitting at the side of the road and not moving.”

When officers arrived at the scene they were confused to find an exhaust pipe which had fallen off a car.

The photos show how the exhaust pipe is shaped similarly to the neck of a swan and the spokesman said: “We found the young swan was actually an exhaust pipe that had fallen off a car. It was positioned in such a perfect angle that it did indeed have a certain similarity to a swan.”

Credit: CEN
Police who came to rescue a stranded swan found it to be a car exhaust

“As the exhaust was not causing any danger, it was left at the scene by police to be recovered by the waste disposal department.”

However, the person who originally made the call to police saw the ‘swan’ was still there and called the police again. To stop any further disruptions the police decided to go and collect the debris and dispose of it.

Police who saw the funny side posted the pictures online and netizens were in two minds about the similarities.

Gerlinde Toby Gundi posted: “The woman was very persistent. But I think she should still have a visit to the opticians.”

And ‘Hans-Jorg Saner ‘said: “I think her alcohol levels should have been tested.”

While ‘Helena Rupp Grau’ said: “Please give the woman a voucher for a free eye test.”

But ‘Astrid Haas’ defended the woman, writing: “When you drive past quickly it could look like a swan was stranded there, as it is not somewhere you only drive past at 30 kph. I think it is good that the woman thought about what could happen and that the swan could potentially move into the traffic.”

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Story By: Kathryn QuinnSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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