Burnt Boy, 3, Dreams of Spiderman Suit To Cover Burns

A three-year-old child who burnt his whole face with boiling oil and underwent eight surgeries has asked for a Spiderman suit to cover his burns.

Little Marcos Levi Ruiz Pontes suffered terrible burns over 100 percent of his face and head when he was 10-months-old in the municipality of Guaruja, on the coast of the southeastern Brazilian state of Sao Paulo.

His mother, Alice dos Santos Ruiz, 19, told national newspaper G1 that the accident occurred during a trip to her brother’s home in the capital.

She said: “He had never crawled and he started that day. He went to the stove and stood up. In that, he grabbed the pan, which fell on him with hot oil in it.”

Marcos was rushed to a hospital to receive emergency care.

The hot oil burnt part of the chest, arms and 100 percent of his head, according to G1.

Marcos was hospitalised for three months, during which time he underwent eight skin graft surgeries.

Santos Ruiz said: “It was a miracle that he survived the burns. Nobody gave me hope, not even doctors.”

According to Santos Ruiz, Marcos has scars on 30 percent of his body and needs to wear a compression suit to try to relieve the marks and currently, his dream is to have a Spider-Man outfit.

His mother explains that they need a new mesh for his compression suit and that her son’s dream is for it to look like Spiderman’s red and blue suit.

She said: “I asked which one he wanted and he said Spiderman. He’s a fanatic.”

Credit: @alice.ruiz.7374/Newsflash
Three-year-old Marcos Levi Ruiz Pontes from Guaruja, before his head was burned 100% after a domestic accident with a pan of hot oil, together with his mother Alice dos Santos Ruiz(19)

She has started an online fundraiser to raise the money to buy him his dream suit which costs around BRL1,000 (GBP 134).

Currently, Marcos has a follow-up with a surgeon every three months to find out how the scars are and if the marks are improving.

His mother said: “The forecast is that he will undergo a new surgery four years from now.”

His mother assures that he is not in pain and in most other ways is just like any other child.

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Story By: Lisa-Maria Goertz, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

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