Hero Jumps Into River And Saves Drowning Baby Deer

This is the moment a brave 21-year-old man swims into a river to save a young deer from drowning and his friend then pumps on its chest before nursing the whimpering bambi back to health.

The startling incident took place in the village of Krizovec in Medimurje County, the northernmost part of Croatia as three friends named Ivan Mezga, Karlo, and Iva went to enjoy a day in the countryside.

The trio were fishing in the Mura river when they spotted a tiny deer drowning in the waters.

Credit: Newsflash/emedjimurje.net.hr/

Local newspaper Emedjimurje report Ivan, 21, jumped into the water without hesitating to save the drowning animal.

He told reporters: “I didn’t think at all, I just jumped into the muddy Mura to help a small, helpless creature.”

They used a YouTube video of deer noises to lure the deer to try to swim closer to the shore before Ivan jumped into the river.

In the video, the 21-year-old can be seen swimming in the fast-flowing river before he reaches the deer and swims it back to safety.

His friend then lifts it out of the water and pumps its chest to force any water out.

The little deer then whimpers as the woman recording can be heard crying in fear. They use a towel to support the animal’s head and try to calm it down as it recovers its breath.

Ivan said: “We did not know exactly what to do, we found ourselves in this situation for the first time. But thank God we made it. We revived him, we did everything to make that little creature spit out the water that was swallowed.

“He started breathing normally and we were indescribably happy. We wrapped him in a blanket and called the Hunting Society from a nearby town. The local gamekeeper arrived within five minutes. And he was surprised and happy at the same time, he couldn’t believe I jumped into that muddy water and saved the little creature.”

The deer is now safe and healthy, staying in a shelter with the local gamekeeper in Senkovec.

Hero Ivan regularly calls the gamekeeper to check up on the deer.

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Story By:  Ana MarjanovicSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

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