France Marseille and the LGBTI Flag

Story by Ajda Ender

Insulting the LGBTI Flag by the supporters of the French Marseille football club is a hate crime and hate behavior.

France is a country that respects LGBTI Rights and respects LGBTI’s right to life.

The desecration of the LGBTI Flag by the supporters of the French Marseille football club is shameful hate crimes for France and for the French Marseille football club.

Flags are symbols of countries and communities, and attacking and insulting flags is a crime.

People condemned to ignorance and failure commit hate crimes.

People who have been left behind in world societies, enslaved in their own darkness, enslaved in their own ignorance, are persecuting the genders in the society.

Although heterosexism seems to be dominant in the football world in the world societies, there are too many secret homosexuals in the football world.

The vast majority of people who are homophobic in the football world are secret gays who have suppressed their homosexuality.

Homophobes who make hate speech towards LGBTI in the football world are cowardly hate criminals who have secret gay relationships and cannot face their gay identities.

Football players and football clubs who are afraid of their gay sexual identity in the football world and who hide behind the heterosexist society and make hate speech are secret homosexuals who are slaves of their sexual fears.

People who cannot reconcile with their own sexual identity are condemned to ignorance, failure, hopelessness, unhappiness and underdevelopment.

Those who make hate speech against LGBTI are hate criminals who are imprisoned in their own bodies and punish themselves.

The inability of people to confront their sexual identity means that they give up on themselves.

The majority of people in societies that use hate language hostile to LGBTI have secret gay relationships and are helpless who fear their secret gay relationship will be exposed.

Many football players in the football world, who make hate speech by hiding their gay identity, have secret gay relationships by pretending to be heterosexual.

People who use hostile language and hate speech against LGBTI people in world societies have secret relationships with Trans Women and Gays.

UEFA respects LGBTI’s rights to life, UEFA respects LGBTI’s Human rights.

In the football world, UEFA’s respect for LGBTI is admirable.

The hate behavior and hate speech of the Spanish Real Madrid football club against LGBTI is a violation of human rights and is against human rights.

Heterosexist families, who actually commit all kinds of immorality by hiding behind the heterosexist family structure, hide the rapes within the family, apply psychological and physical violence within the family, and legitimize domestic torture.

In societies all over the world, there are secret gays who pretend to be heterosexual by hiding behind heterosexism.

In all societies of the world, people need to reconcile with their own sexual identity and face their own sexual identity.

The majority of people who act transphobic and homophobic, and make hate speech towards Trans Women and LGBTI Individuals, are secretly gay.

Unless people reconcile with their own sexual identity, they condemn themselves to the cage of ignorance in their own bodies and minds.

People who hide their sexual identity and do not live their sexual identity live as prisoners in their bodies.

People who cannot make peace with their sexual identity are condemned to live cowardly in the cage in their bodies and minds.

The football world has to respect people’s gender identity, all societies in the world have to respect people’s gender identity.

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