I Went To The Military With My Trans Woman Identity- Trans Woman Soldier In Patriarchal Society

In the patriarchal society, the traditional belief that trans women cannot go to military is dominant. To say that trans women cannot go to the military is hate speech and gender discrimination is hate speech.

I showed everyone that I can do military service with my Trans Woman Identity. I went to the military while I was in college. I did military service for 15 months. I received military armed training for a month. I was very successful in all my military training.

I did the remaining 14 months of my military service in a military hotel. I did my military service at the army house as a hotel division sergeant.

I was a sergeant of nearly 50 soldiers in a military hotel. I would wake up early every morning, take a shower, drink my coffee, I was sending military guards, I was preparing the morning meeting, I was working day and night.

Military officers loved me very much, They called me a sergeant from Istanbul, Military officers’ families loved me very much, they respected me very much.

They showed me a lot of respect in the military, They showed great respect to my Trans Woman identity. The military gave me a certificate of appreciation. I was very successful in the military. I showed everyone that a trans woman can be successful in the military.

In the heterosexist, Patriarchal society, those who say that trans women cannot enlist are committing hate crimes. Traditional society supports sexist discrimination hate language. It is a crime to support the language of hate. Those who make hate speech impose their toxic thoughts on society, poisoning society with toxic thoughts, commit crimes against humanity.

In the male-dominated society, I showed my courage by going to the military with my trans woman identity.

In the patriarchal society, I am honored to go to the military with my Trans Woman Identity.

I Love My Trans Woman Identity. I Love Myself.

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