200 Doctors Stage Mass Protest Against COVID Vaccine

Two hundred medical professionals have signed an open letter to the president of the Austrian Medical Association to protest the coronavirus vaccine, which they claim has failed.

Dr Andreas Soennichsen is one of the doctors behind the ICI, the ‘Initiative fuer evidenzbasierte Corona Informationen’ (‘Initiative for evidence-based corona information’), and yesterday, the organisation held a press conference in the Austrian capital Vienna to denounce the coronavirus vaccine, later releasing a statement obtained by Newsflash and criticising what Soennichsen called “the biggest medical scandal of all time”.

Soennichsen is a specialist in internal and general medicine and he said that “the highly praised vaccination failed”, with the ICI saying “what is still being hushed up here is being openly admitted in Great Britain”, which is that the “fourth wave is a wave of the vaccinated”.

The general practitioner Maria Hubmer-Mogg.

Soennichsen added: “In the hospitals and in the intensive care units there are predominantly vaccinated, whose vaccination was more than six months ago when they were declared ‘unvaccinated’ After two vaccinations failed, we are now led to believe that there is no alternative to the booster.”

Soennichsen has written an open letter to the president of the Austrian Medical Association, Thomas Szekeres, 59, and the ICI says that it has been signed by 200 medical professionals with more joining their ranks “daily”.

Dr Johann Missliwetz, a specialist in forensic medicine, complains about “reprisals emanating from the Medical Association and President Szekeres”. The ICI claim that “doctors who contradict the given opinion face fines of up to EUR 36,340 (GBP 30,900), but also a ban on practising medicine” and “being struck from the list of doctors.”

And Austrian gynaecologist Dr Christian Fiala has said that “Szekeres has become increasingly radicalised” and “has relegated himself to being a political stooge”.

Univ.Prof. Dr. Johann Missliwetz, specialist in forensic medicine.

The ICI is also critical of the vaccines having “the highest rate of side effects ever”. Missliwetz said: “It is undisputed that the four common vaccines (BioNtech Pfizer; Astra Zeneca; Johnson & Johnson and Moderna) have the highest rate of side effects of all drugs in the history of medicine.”

He added: “The European Medicines Agency (EMA) registered more than a million side effects in the EU and the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database in the USA.

“On 12th November 2021, the WHO registered 2,457,386 cases worldwide. Regardless of this, these vaccinations are advertised in Austria as low-risk and safe.”

The ICI added: “The long-term effects over a period of more than five years are completely uncertain.”

The ICI also criticised the vaccination of pregnant women and what they termed “vaccine damage”. The ICI said: “If one were to vaccinate all people in Austria under the age of 20 with Moderna, this ‘very rare’ side effect would mathematically result in 1,721 young people suffering from peri or myocarditis.”

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Szekeres, Austrian human geneticist and specialist in clinical chemistry and laboratory diagnostics.

Missliwetz criticised the vaccination of pregnant women, saying: “At the moment, only children over five years of age should be vaccinated.

“In reality, the children are already vaccinated as foetuses in the womb, because a) pregnant women should be vaccinated from the third month according to the Medical Association’s recommendations and b) the vaccines (e.g. mRNA) enter the child’s circulation via the mother’s bloodstream.

“Anyone who forces others to vaccinate accepts that many people will die of ‘side effects’ = vaccine damage.”

Dr Maria Hubmer-Mogg, who is a general practitioner, has slammed the Medical Association for its “reprisals” against those speaking up, claiming that “scientific discourse no longer takes place”.

She is reportedly “in contact twice a week with world-renowned scientists researching COVID-19” and she said that she “gets messages every day from colleagues at home” who “have received a disciplinary report from the Medical Association”.

She said: “Justified risk discussions by colleagues, underpinned by knowledge-generating experience and study data from all over the world are apparently not taken into account. Scientific discourse no longer takes place.”

Martin Haditsch (left), Andreas Sonnichsen (center left), Christian Schubert (right) and Christian Fiala (center right).

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Story By: Joseph GolderSub-EditorWilliam McGee, Agency: Newsflash

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