Virgin Mary’s Statues Remain Intact After Floods

Residents have told how statues of the Virgin Mary remained intact after devastating floods destroyed their homes.

The strong storm, which hit Mimoso do Sul, in the Brazilian state of Espirito Santo, on the night of 22nd to 23rd March, resulted in a large number of houses being destroyed, according to local media reports.

However, residents Jose Pascoal and Ivone da Silva, said that the statues of Our Lady of Aparecida, which is a title of the Blessed Virgin Mary, that each of them had in their homes remained intact.

Jose Pascoal, aged 71, who lives with his wife Adelaide Pascoal, said they had to leave their home with only the clothes on their backs.

Jose said: “The water was already entering my house. It was time for us to leave that the water reached knee-deep.”

Photo shows a statue of a saint, undated. It remained intact during the floods in Espirito Santo, Brazil. (Newsflash)

But when Jose returned to the house on 26th March he was stunned to see that amidst the destroyed house, the small statue of Our Lady of Aparecida and a rosary that stood next to it remained intact on the top of a shelf.

He said: “I entered the house and felt happy, moved.

“This image of Our Lady of Aparecida has been with me for 35 years, ever since I went to the Sanctuary, in Aparecida do Norte, Sao Paulo.

“Here it is just a portrait, but I know that my mother is in heaven and protects me every day.”

He added: “I lost everything. I’m throwing everything out, but I’m going to need about three or four days to clean everything up.”

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The other resident, named Ivone, 67, said she was left in despair after she and her family were forced to leave their house due to the flood.

Ivone said: “We left the house with the water practically up to our waists.

“When we left, we needed to cross the train line to get to the neighbours’ house, but the current was strong.

“My brother managed to help me, and we went up to the terrace of a neighbour who sheltered us. I only thought about my saint.”

And when she returned on 26th March, she said she found the statue of Our Lady of Aparecida intact.

Photo shows a statue of a saint, undated. It remained intact during the floods. In Espirito Santo, Brazil. (Newsflash)

She said: “I got goosebumps, it was the greatest emotion to find my saint intact.

“My mother was very devoted to Our Lady of Aparecida and I am too.

“I have a lot to be grateful and I will have the strength to rebuild.”

The strong storm that hit Espirito Santo on the night between 22nd and 23rd March left at least 20 dead, four missing and more than 14,800 people out of their homes, as of Tuesday, 26th March, according to local media reports.

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Story By: Marija StojkoskaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

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