Otters And Monkeys Enjoy New GBP 1.2 Million Enclosure At Berlin Zoo

Small-clawed otters and crested macaques enjoy their new GBP 1.2 million enclosure at Berlin Zoo.

Berlin Zoo said the animals have now moved to their new, 3,000-square-metre Otter Island, which is now set to provide a very special insight into the unique habitat of the Indonesian island world.

The two small-clawed otters, three crested macaques and four babirusas, an animal known as a deer-pig, from the swine family, will be able to frolic in water, on land or at lofty heights in their new enclosure that cost EUR 1.3 million (GBP 1.1 million) in funding and an additional EUR 100,000 (GBP 85,818) in donations to build.

2024 Tierpark Berlin/Newsflash

Berlin Zoo said in a statement obtained by Newsflash: “The new experience zone is dedicated to this global ‘hotspot’ of biological diversity and will offer visitors the opportunity to playfully discover the origins of species and solve the puzzle of the tree of life in an exhibition on the subject of evolution.

“The island of Sulawesi, located in the eastern part of the Indonesian archipelago, is known for its unique flora and fauna as well as its rich biological diversity.

“With an abundance of endemic species, it is home to a variety of creatures found nowhere else in the world.

“From fascinating deer boars to endangered crested macaques, the Indonesian island world offers a remarkable variety of life forms that will also amaze guests at the zoo. “

Picture shows an otter, undated. Unique island world opens. In Berlin Zoo, Germany. (2024 Tierpark Berlin/Newsflash)

Christian Kern, zoological director from Berlin Zoo and Animal Park, said. “Our guests get a unique insight into the fascinating island world of Indonesia.

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“They have the opportunity to see with their own eyes which fascinating creatures are native to our world and which different ways of life the inhabitants of an ecosystem have developed.”

Dr Andreas Knieriem, director of the zoo and animal park, said: “According to current projections, there are around 8.7 million species of plants, animals, fungi, algae, and protozoa worldwide. In our new exhibition, guests will be able to discover biodiversity and decipher its secrets.

Picture shows a macaque, undated. Unique island world opens in Berlin Zoo, Germany. (2024 Tierpark Berlin/Newsflash)

“Otter Island offers a vivid example of how each species on our planet has found its own niche.”

The zoo said that visitors observing Otter Island can explore the characteristics of the animals and playfully explore the origins of the species at 11 dedicated stations.

Wolfgang Schyrocki, State Secretary in the Senate Department of Finance said: “I am pleased that the state of Berlin was able to support this project.

“The otters will quickly feel at home – I am convinced of that.

“They approach change with great joy and curiosity. But at the same time they have thick skin and a lot rolls off of them. That suits Berlin. Welcome to our city.”

Picture shows a babirusa, undated. Unique island world opens in Berlin Zoo, Germany. (2024 Tierpark Berlin/Newsflash)

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