Surgeons Remove Screw From Tots Nose

Surgeons have removed a screw from a two-year-old girl’s nose after she pushed it right the way up her nostril and it got stuck.

The incident took place in the municipality of Pauini, in the northern Brazilian state of Amazonas, on the morning of 4th April.

The girl and her parents were taken from their indigenous village in the Amazon rainforest to hospital in the municipality of Rio Branco, in the northern state of Acre.

Otolaryngologist Marion Virginia Yumi Yomura said: “She had stuck a screw up her nose. The child was very agitated when she arrived. We had to do an X-ray to see where exactly the object was.

Child (2) had to undergo emergency surgery after X-ray showed screw in her nose, in Pauini, Brazil in April 2022.

“A surgical procedure had to be performed on her under general anaesthesia. She was intubated because, as she is very small, there was a risk of the screw wounding her and causing bleeding if she moved.”

The operation was carried out by Dr Yomura, another otolaryngologist and an anaesthesiologist.

Dr Yomura said: “When we were carrying out the procedure, the object moved to the back and fell into her mouth, so we took it out. There were no complications, as the screw did not stay in her nose for a long time and there was no time for any infection to develop.”

The operation was completed late at night, but the girl reacted well and was uninjured.

Child (2) had to undergo emergency surgery after X-ray showed screw in her nose, in Pauini, Brazil in April 2022.

Dr Yomura said: “A screw is a very dangerous foreign body, but she did not suffer any mucosal injuries. As she reacted well, she was discharged today [Tuesday, 5th April].”

Dr Yomura warned parents not to leave their children near small objects so that accidents do not occur.

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Story By: Marija StojkoskaSub-EditorWilliam McGee, Agency: Central European News

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