Stampede As Wild Boar Storms Through Busy Staff Canteen

This is the moment a hungry wild boar storms through a company’s crowded cafeteria sending dozens of terrified staff members fleeing out the door and onto tables.

CCTV camera footage dated 20th May captured the hog intrusion at the staff canteen in Ninghai County, which is in East China’s Zhejiang Province, belonging the Ningbo Wote Automobile Parts company.

Video Credit: AsiaWire

The video shows the canteen full of uniformed factory workers either in the middle of their meal or carrying metal trays when a number of their coworkers beginning running away from the kitchen serving area.

Before long, dozens of staff members leave their seats and sprint for the entrance as the wild boar (Sus scrofa) emerges.

Credit: AsiaWire
The killed boar being carried away

The adult boar chases after staff members who jump onto and over tables, with the animal seen noshing on morsels of food dropped during the panic.

An unnamed male employee told local media: “I heard people screaming and thought there was some sort of argument. I went to have a look and the wild boar ran in through the door.

“I ran! And told everyone else to run,” he added.

One of his female colleagues recalled: “I didn’t even know there was a boar! I saw everybody running out and thought a gas cylinder was about go explode, so I ran too.”

According to reports, the boar entered through a backdoor in the kitchen and tried to escape through a window.

But it was too large and ended up smashing the glass, leaving it disorientated and angry.

It later ran out of the canteen and encountered a group of potato farmers, one of whom attacked it with a farm hoe but was pounced on and bitten for his troubles.

The remainder of the farmers managed to kill and capture the animal, with video showing the boar being tied up and carried off.

Credit: AsiaWire
People running away from the boar inside the canteen

The Ninghai County Forestry Bureau said the potato farmer was being treated at a local hospital.

Bureau chief Wang Yuegan said wild boars have been on China’s conservation list since October 1998.

Between 20th April and 20th October it is closed season in the county and hunting of the wild pig is banned.

He said: “If a wild boar runs into your home but doesn’t pose an immediate threat to your life, call the police so experts can handle it.

“If you’re unable to control it and have no other option but to kill it, then do that, because otherwise there might be worse consequences.”

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Story By: John FengSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report


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