Fat Badger That Feasted On Frogs Is Freed From Well

This is the moment firemen have to wake up a fat badger to rescue him after he tumbled into a well in order to scoff the frogs that were lying at the bottom.

Rescuers said that the open well had a large number of frogs stuck at the bottom that had also been trapped there after they hopped in, and were unable to climb back out again. The frogs in turn had apparently survived on insects that fell into the well.

Video Credi: CEN/@koshkispas

Attracted by the tasty snack, the badger, which had been scrambling around the rim, tempted by the frogs below, had then also toppled in.

He had apparently spent several days inside feasting on the frogs, and by the time animal rescue service “Koshkispas” turned up to rescue him, when a dog walker raised the alarm, he had a full stomach and was fast asleep.

Credi: CEN/@koshkispas
Rescuers removed the badger from the well

The video shows the rescue workers trying to wake up the sleeping badger in the well in the town of Nikolskoye in Tosnensky District of Leningrad Oblast, Russia, located 40 kilometres (25 mi) southeast of the centre of St. Petersburg.

They said the badger had been eating so much that he had put on weight and had almost no neck in order to put a noose round to pull him to safety.

Credi: CEN/@koshkispas
Rescuers removed the badger from the well

Posting details of the Russia online they said: “The guys had to make him move so they could get the ropes and noose into place. There was almost no neck, it was not easy, but they got it in the end.”

The video shots the badger looking none too happy after his rude awakening and struggling to get free before dashing off into the distance and escaping through a fence where he reportedly disappeared into a nearby forest.

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Story By: Anna CasapSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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