Skinny Pit Bull Found Abandoned In House Weighing Just 1.9 Stone And Too Weak To Eat

This is the moment an extremely thin pit bull collapses to the ground while trying to eat after being found abandoned in an empty house.

The pit bull, which is believed to be around two years old, should weigh at least 30 kilogrammes (4.7 stone) but was found to be only 12 kilogrammes (1.9 stone).

The poor animal was rescued from an empty home in the city of Betim in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais on 7th February.

The pitbull dog that was rescued from a house in Betim, Belo Horizonte in Brazil, weighting only 12 kg. (Projeto Adote Pitbull/CEN)

The dog was so weak that it had to lie on the ground to eat because it did not have the strength to remain on its paws.

A team from the Betim Animal Protection Association (Sepa) and Municipal Guard representatives arrived at the property following complaints from local residents.

Sepa spokesperson Roberta Cabral said: “We received information that there was a very skinny dog in the house that could not get up to eat. A neighbour jumped over the wall, gave it some food, and the animal ate lying down.”

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The footage shows the dog falling to ground, apparently too weak to eat standing up.

The dog was taken from the property and transferred to volunteers of the ‘Adopt Pit Bull Project’, who sent the animal to a veterinary clinic in the nearby city of Belo Horizonte.

Cabral said: “The dog arrived very dehydrated and in a bad way. He was placed on a drip and staff are having difficulties collecting material for analysis due to its condition.”

Adopt Pit Bull Project member Luis Felipe Garcia said: “What was passed on to us is that the owner of the animal is not the owner of the property. The house was empty, someone was sent there to watch the property. But she went there, put the dog inside, fed it for the first few days, and then didn’t return.”

The Municipal Guard has filed a complaint against the property owner where the animal was found as the investigation continues.

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Story By: Lee BullenSub-EditorJoe Golder,  Agency: Central European News

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