Polish Couple Busted After Starving Skinny Dog To Half Its Normal Weight

A Polish couple are being prosecuted for animal abuse after refusing to feed their pet dog and allowing it to shrink down to skin and bones at around half the weight it should be.

The poor pooch, named Toldi, reportedly weighed under 12 kilogrammes (26 lbs) when it was rescued by inspectors from a flat in the village of Pastuchow in the Polish region of Lower Silesian Voivodeship on 24th May.

Workers from a local animal welfare group were informed of the situation and alerted the local authorities about the dog’s owners, identified as Katarzyna and Andrzej W.

During an inspection, the woman allegedly threw an empty soup bowl at the animal that she had just used to prepare lunch for her husband and children.

Toldi then licked the bowl in the hope of finding some nourishment.

Rescuers said on Facebook that the dog was left to “feed on air” and was severely dehydrated due to a lack of drinking water.

The couple reportedly resented having the dog taken away from their care and immediately asked inspectors to return the animal to them after Toldi was seized.

Meanwhile, the public prosecutor’s office has been informed of the situation and the couple is expected to face charges of animal abuse in court.

The news channel Polsat News said they could face a prison sentence of up to three years if convicted.

Credit: @DIOZpl/CEN
The dog named Toldi was after he was rescued from a couple Katarzyna and Andrzej W., who will now be in court for animal abuse, as the dog weighed less than 12 kilogrammes, on 24th May, in Pastuchow, Poland.

Toldi weighed just 12 kilogrammes, around half the normal weight for a dog its size, and was taken to a veterinary clinic for treatment.

Vets said the dog has a healthy appetite and its digestive system is working well.

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