Seagull Steals Pizza From Food Bloger

An Italian food blogger who specialises in taking spectacular photos of mouthwatering food items was shocked when he was mugged by a seagull during his latest photoshoot.

Gian Andrea Squadrilli, who has over 100,000 followers on Instagram for his mouthwatering photographs, had gone onto the balcony overlooking the sea outside his restaurant in the town of Sorrento in southern Italy to take a video of a slice of pizza.

But as he filmed the pizza in his hand from different angles, with the beautiful blue sea in the background, a huge seagull suddenly appeared and took not just the slice of pizza, but as he said, almost took off his finger as well.

Credit: @jana_italyfoodprn/Newsflash

Squadrilli published the video on his Instagram account along with the text: “Guys I don’t believe it. It is the first time that such a thing has happened to me. A seagull has just robbed me. I swear I am shocked … a whole slice in its mouth and it almost took my finger off. The risks of being an influencer. “

He said the bird had then made off with the free meal and added ironically: “Whoever finds the seagull, please make it pay.”

Squadrilli owns the restaurant Golocious along with ‘food creator’ Vincenzo Falcone and the raid was carried out as he stepped onto the balcony outside the eatery.

Instagram user ‘ilcontefoodblog ‘ made a comment on the video: “You were good at keeping your phone in your hand, I would have dropped the phone in the water out of fear”.

Eggplant rolls stuffed with emmental and San Daniele raw ham, fresh provola cheese, cherry tomatoes and basil salad

‘matteodicola’ said: “Bro, it took your finger off, but you didn’t notice.”

‘hungryterrone’ commented: “It understood the goodness of that pizza and didn’t want to miss it. I would have done the same”.

The passionate blogger who posts his passionately prepared dishes manages a few accounts on Instagram with many followers.

On his most popular blog “Italy Food Porn”, he has gained more than 500,000 followers and on his personal account “jana_italyfoodprn” he has reached more than 100,000 Instagram followers.

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Story By: Marija StojkoskaSub-EditorAlex Cope,  Agency:  Newsflash

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