High-Speed Boat Caught Despite Ditching 2T Of Cocaine

Bags of cocaine weighing almost two tonnes were recovered from the sea after being dumped by drug couriers in a speed boat who were being chased by police.

The footage was shared by the National Coast Guard of Costa Rica who pulled it out of the sea after capturing the drug couriers in a high-speed chase.

The Ministry for Public Security informed that the action was done at the coast of Cahuita, in the Limon province, at the Caribbean Sea and conducted by the National Coast Guard, the aircraft from the Air Surveillance Service (SVA) and the United States Government, in addition to agents from the Drug Control Police (PCD) on Saturday 18th July and Sunday 19th July.

Credit: Newsflash/@seguridadcrc

The footage, published by the National Ministry of Security, shows the Coast Guard boat heading back to shore fully loaded with the drugs. They also released photographs of the packages being fished out of the water and later unloaded onto shore, watched over by three armed guards.

The Minister of Public Security, Michael Soto Rojas, reported in a press conference that the national authorities received an alert on Saturday from the Colombian Navy about the possible arrival of another boat with drugs in the national Caribbean.

When the coastguard spotted the boat, the crew tried to escape by heading towards the border with Panama and started throwing the shipment into the water, according to the Public Security Ministry.

Then, some 15 nautical miles from Westphalia, the Coast Guard captured the vessel after firing multiple warning shots.

All four men arrested are believed to be Colombian.

Credit: Newsflash/@seguridadcrc
The eight suspects arrested

The boat that was captured named the Lucas was equipped with three 300 HP engines, and was loaded with 16 fuel cannons with approximately 650 litres of fuel.

But there was no trace of the drugs which were only found on the Sunday floating in the area of Dos Aguas, off the coast of Cahuita and Manzanillo.

According to the Ministry of Security, the Coast Guard managed to recover 83 bags which were taken to the Coast Guard station located in Portete.

After a detailed analysis, the officers concluded there were 2,093 packages with apparent cocaine weighing approximately one kilogramme each.

This seizure of the shipment, added to another operation also carried out this weekend, where 1.1 tonnes of cocaine was seized in the Caribbean, resulted in the seizure of approximately 3.3 tonnes of cocaine.

Minister Soto also stated that so far this year, 26.3 tonnes of cocaine have been seized by the police forces in the country.

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Story By: Marija StojkoskaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

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