Mystery Huge Tarantula On Buoy At Sea Spooks Beachgoers

This is the huge hairy tarantula that had beachgoers terrified after it was spotted sitting on a buoy in the sea.

The spider was spotted off the coast of Trogir, a town on southern Croatia’s Adriatic coastline, and was snapped by a fearless female beachgoer who posted the images on Facebook.

The spider is believed to be a Lycosa tarantula, also known as the wolf spider, and despite its terrifying appearance its venom is not particularly toxic to humans.

Credit: CEN/@DnevnadozaprosjecnogDalmatinca
Spider in the sea

They have a tendency to flee at the approach of any large animal and will rarely bite unless provoked.

However, local media reports claim that the eight-legged creature left beach-goers terrified.

It is still unclear how the tarantula ended up on the buoy out at sea.

Netizen ‘Ingrid Stulic’ asked: “What the hell is it and how did it end up in the ocean?”

‘Ingrid Stulic’ commented: “Honestly, I would be happier if I saw a shark than this.”

‘Valentina Svec Kos’ wrote: “So, I am not even safe in the water? If I saw this, I would drown. Without a doubt.”

‘Iva Vuletic’ said: “I would have a heart attack the second I saw one of them!”

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Story By: Angjela TrajkovskaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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