Russia Shows Might With Rocket Launcher Truck War Games

This is the moment the Russian Army shows its might with two rocket launcher systems during war games on snowy terrain.

The training exercises were filmed near the city of Orenburg in the south-western Russian region of Orenburg Oblast, bordering with Kazakhstan.

In the footage, the Russian Army is seen using BM-21 ‘Grad’ truck-mounted multiple rocket launchers and the BM-27 Uragan (‘Hurricane’) self-propelled multiple rocket launcher system.

Video Credit: Newsflash/Central Military District

Targets were pinpointed by Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and MoD officials said the exercises involved soldiers from the Central Military District.

The Orlan-10 is developed by the Special Technology Centre in Saint Petersburg for the Russian Armed Forces.

The drone is usually used in a group of two or three, where the first one is used for reconnaissance, the second for electronic warfare and the third as a transponder that transmits intelligence information to the control centre.

Credit: Newsflash/Central Military District
The Russian military showed an “artillery carousel” near Orenburg

The BM-21 ‘Grad’ is a Soviet truck-mounted 122-mm multiple rocket launcher. The complete system with the BM-21 launch vehicle and the M-21OF rocket is designated as the M-21 field-rocket system.

The complete system is commonly known as the Grad multiple rocket launcher system, and the three-member crew can have the system ready to fire in three minutes.

The BM-27 Uragan (‘Hurricane’) is a self-propelled multiple rocket launcher system designed in the Soviet Union in the late 1970s.

Credit: Newsflash/Central Military District
The Russian military showed an “artillery carousel” near Orenburg

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