Rescuers Bid To Save Poor Sea Lion With Tyre Around Neck

This is the shocking moment rescuers try to remove a discarded tyre from around a sea lion’s neck.

According to reports, the sea lion arrived in a reservoir in the port city of Mar del Plata in the eastern Argentine province of Buenos Aires with a tyre around its neck, and volunteers from the Fauna Argentina Foundation quickly arrived on the scene.

Video Credit: CEN/@fundacionfauna.argentina

A representative told local media: “Foundation volunteers carried out a rescue operation and tried to release the animal. They will continue to remove the tyre and are developing a tool to get it off the sea lion without harming it.”

Credit: CEN/@fundacionfauna.argentina
The sea lion with the wheel in the neck

The foundation said that the animal is not injured or in immediate danger with the tyre still around its neck.

Volunteer Guillermo Oliva said: “It is something we see every time we clean up the oceans on weekends, so much rubbish.”

A foundation spokesperson remarked: “These mortal traps are left behind by inconsiderate citizens. The tyre is not around the animal’s neck naturally, it is there because someone dumped it.”

Another video posted by the group shows another sea lion with wire around its body.

The foundation said on Facebook that they are still working to remove the tyre from the sea lion’s neck. Its exact species is currently unknown.

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Story By: Ana LacasaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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