Rare Mutant Lamb Born With Five Legs Is In Good Health Says Vet

This rare mutant lamb was born with five legs on a farm in Turkey, and its owner took it to the vet, who said that it was in “good health”.

It is extremely rare for animals to be born with additional limbs, and it is even rarer for them to survive for any significant period of time after they have been born.

The incident took place on a livestock breeding farm near the town of Pamukkale, which is located in south-western Turkey’s Denizli Province.

A five-legged lamb was born in Denizli, Turkey.
(Denizli Hayvan Hastanesi/CEN)

Mehmet Bulbul, age unclear, is a livestock breeder like his forefathers, and despite being familiar with the business of breeding animals, he nonetheless took the bizarre, five-legged lamb to the Denizli Animal Hospital for a checkup.

The vet, who has been named as Turkay Berberoglu, reportedly determined that the lamb was a rare occurrence, as it was in good health. The vet posited that the additional limb could have been caused by problems early on in the lamb’s mother’s pregnancy.

The vet was quoted in local reports as saying: “The owner of the lamb, Mehmet Bulbul, was nervous and confused when he first came to us. He made a sigh of relief when I said that the newborn lamb had no vital problems.

“He took his lamb and went home. He left the lamb with its mother.”

A five-legged lamb was born in Denizli, Turkey.
(Denizli Hayvan Hastanesi/CEN)

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Story By: Joseph GolderSub-EditorWilliam McGee, Agency: Central European News

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