Racism and Religious Discrimination in Society

Story by Ajda Ender

Society inflicts violence on people due to their race, makes racist discourses and hate speech to people of different races due to their races and skin color, and people of different races are exposed to social and physical violence on the streets and in the houses they live in. society puts racist marks on the doors of people of other races, racist people continue to put traces of racist hate speech on the doors of the homes of people of other races, they target people because of their race.

Discrimination against people, hate speech is a crime in legal laws and human rights treaties. society continues to commit hate crimes, people are faced with violence due to their race and religion, they are being criminalized, they are fighting for life in trauma in the society.

People from different religions are afraid to go to church, mosque, synagogue due to violence and oppression, they are afraid to go somewhere to practice their religion. People who are exposed to violence because of their religion face discrimination in religion, Judging people because of their religious beliefs, stigmatizing, applying violence, keeping them under social pressure is a crime in legal laws and international conventions. They marginalize people in society because of their religion, they apply pressure, they usurp their religious lives.

People from different religions are marginalized in their home and social lives, stigmatized with hate speech, encounter mental and behavioral violence, traumatize in the society that restricts their lives.

Society needs to respect people of other races and religions, the society needs to be educated, effective penal laws against crimes of racism and discrimination must be implemented, society must be established that respects the lives of people of other races and religions.

Hate mentality needs to be improved. Toxic, making hate speech is a crime, Racism is a crime.

International Journalist Ajda Ender

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