Newborn Quintuplets In Intensive Care After Early Birth

A mum has given birth to quintuplets after just 32 weeks and all five newborns are being kept in the intensive care unit.

The premature babies will be kept at the Luis Castelazo Ayala Hospital in the central Mexican capital Mexico City for another month until they have developed enough to go home.

Credit: CEN/@IMSSmx
The quintuplets at the hospital

The unnamed mum, who comes from Tierra Blanca in the eastern Mexican state of Veracruz, was transferred to the Mexican capital due to the complexity of her pregnancy.

Doctors decided to perform a caesarean section on the IVF mum at 32 weeks of pregnancy.

She successfully gave birth to five healthy babies, three girls and two boys.

Reports said that the girls weighed 1.3 kilogrammes (2.9 lbs), 1.2 kilogrammes (2.6 lbs) and 965 grammes (2.1 lbs) respectively. Meanwhile, the two boys weighed 1.43 (3.2 lbs) and 1.42 kilogrammes (3.1 lbs).

The newborns are being cared for in the hospital’s intensive care unit until they have developed further, and they are expected to remain under supervision for at least a month.

Credit: CEN/@IMSSmx
The quintuplets at the hospital

According to local media, doctors want to see the tots put on at least two kilogrammes (4.4 lbs) of weight and strengthen their immune systems.

The mother is also in a healthy condition and there were no reports of any complications.

According to hospital director Doctor Oscar Moreno, quintuplets occur once in every 52 million pregnancies.

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