Man Captures Rare Ultra-Partial Rain Pouring Down Over One Tiny Part Of Street

A man encountered a rare phenomenon while out on a night city stroll as he spotted a sudden downpour of rain falling only over a very small part of the street.

The man, who was not identified, reportedly came across the extremely partial rain while out in the city of Xiangtan, in China’s southern Hunan Province.

In phone-filmed footage, the rare occurrence could be observed by the side of the road and next to a parked grey BMW.

The video revealed that there was rain falling in an area about the size of a manhole cover.


Meanwhile, the surrounding area was nearly completely dry.

The stunned videographer even turned the camera upward towards the sky to show that there was not some kind of a visual trick in question.

He shared his astonishment with users on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok, where he posted the video on the afternoon of 28th January.

One user, titled ‘nemo.’, commented: “A particularly sad rain cloud. It only rains for one person.”

Rare Ultra-Partial Rain Pours Down Over One Tiny Part Of Pavement

User ‘pz123456’ wrote: “Is it a special effect?”

And ‘winter’ wrote: “The weather forecast was very accurate. It was indeed raining in some areas.”

Partial rain is a rare occurrence more commonly present in areas with warm and humid climates, capable of producing convective weather patterns and forming clouds that can create precipitation.

These clouds can be small and localised, resulting in isolated areas of rain.

It rains only on a small part of a street. In Xiangtan, Hunan, China, undated. The video was posted on Douyin the Chinese version of TikTok. (H8888M8888G8888/AsiaWire)

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Story By: Simona Kitanovska, Sub-Editor: Georgina Jedikovska, Agency: Asia Wire Report

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