London Flight In Emergency Landing As Teen Gives Birth

A flight from Cairo to London had to make an “emergency landing” in Munich after a teenage mum gave birth on board.

The incident took place 10,000 metres (32,808 feet) above sea level, during the flight which took off from Cairo, the capital of Egypt and was en route to London.

The 18-year-old who was not named was flying with her 38-year-old mum to see her partner in Britain and the plan was to give birth there, but she went into labour on the plane instead.

According to a statement by the federal police obtained by Newsflash: “In the past, children were told that a stork brings their little brothers and sisters. Today (September 15th) it was a larger metal bird. Around noon, a plane belonging to an Egyptian airline landed in Munich on an unscheduled basis. The bird was on its way from Cairo to London.

Credit: Federal Police Munich/Newsflash
18-year-old passenger gave birth to the girl in the air during the flight from Cairo to London

“The reason for the ’emergency landing’ was a particularly happy one, the birth of a child.”

According to the federal police, the young woman gave birth to a baby girl mid-flight and the captain of the Egyptian plane decided to make an emergency landing in Munich, the capital of the southern German state of Bavaria, yesterday (Tuesday 15th September).

It is a standard procedure for police officers to be called to any aircraft that makes an unscheduled landing, especially to flights that “end up with one more passenger than has boarded” so the Munich cops were among the first to congratulate the new mum.

According to the police, passport control “turned a blind eye” regarding the “little lady’s” missing travel documents.

The police statement also said that mother and daughter, who were not named in the statement, were doing well “and recovering from the exertions of the last few hours in a hospital in the surrounding area.”

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Story By: Joseph GolderSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

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