Killer Wolves Rip Helpless Deer To Pieces In Town Centre

These images show a deer ripped to pieces by a pack of fearless killer wolves in the middle of a village square amid concerns the deadly wolf problem is spiraling out of control.

The incident took place at night in the small village of Correncon-en-Vercors in the Isere department in south-eastern France. The mayor of the town is still reportedly incredulous at the incident.

Credit: CEN
The wolves ripped the deer to pieces

According to reports, at least three wolves set upon the wild animal after it sought refuge in the village square, perhaps believing the predators would not follow it because of the nearby human presence.

However, the wolves, which according to reports have been growing in numbers in recent years, were undeterred and set upon the poor animal. Its dismembered and gutted carcass was found the following morning by three locals on their way to work, at around 6am.

The incident took place right next to where the school bus picks up children for school, and the mayor told local media that the children were subjected to the gruesome scene.

The carcass can be seen in these images in the square in the middle of the village. Thomas Guillet, the Mayor of Correncon, told local media: “The deer thought that by seeking refuge in the village, it would be safe from the wolves.

Credit: CEN/@AgriVercors
The wolf population is reportedly on the rise in the region

“But they did not hesitate to follow their prey near human homes.”

The mayor of the village, which has 353 inhabitants, added: “No one heard the fight to the death, but it proves that the wolves are not afraid anymore, because there are no predators above them.

“It is a protected species, however, so we have to think carefully about a possible solution to this problem.”

The number of wolves in France has been on the rise in the last few years after the species reappeared in the country in the 1990s.

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Story By: Joseph GolderSub-Editor: Alex Cope, Agency:Central European News

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