Jihadi Bride Made Cakes For Islamic State Markets

A Jihadi bride who took her sons to Syria where she baked cakes to sell at markets run by the Islamic State is to face trial for child neglect.

German-born Laura H., 33, was repatriated to her homeland after Kurdish troops seized her with her three children.

Before her capture, reports say, she sold cakes and desserts to markets and shops in Syria which were run by Islamic State.

Laura H. is said to have left her hometown of Giessen to join Islamic State in 2016 with her sons, now aged 10 and 11.

Their father – named Ahmed D. in court documents – had gone to Syria two years earlier to fight for the terror group.

Prosecutors also suspect that Laura H. transferred a total of EUR 27,220 (GBP 23.932) from Germany to Syria in 2017 to help fund IS.

Image shows the Frankfurt am Main Higher District Court, in Germany, undated photo. Laura H., aged 33, will be trialed for membership in a terrorist and criminal organisation. (OLG Frankfurt/Newsflash)

Prosecutors in Higher District Court in Frankfurt am Main (OLG), Hesse State, Germany, say she neglectfully took her sons to a war zone knowing they could come to harm.

She is also facing trial for membership in a terrorist group.

Laura H. gave birth to her third child, a daughter after her husband was killed in an air raid.

When he died, say court documents at Frankfurt Higher District Court, she married a second IS terrorist.

The court said in a statement obtained by Newsflash: “The defendant is said to have managed Ahmed D.’s household and thus enabled him to work as an ‘IS’ fighter.

“In addition, the accused is said to have attended a course on the doctrine of faith (‘Aqida’) by ‘IS’, [and] attended an information event organised by ‘IS’.”

It went on: “The subject of the indictment is also the violation of the defendant’s duty of care towards her sons because she brought them to Syria with knowledge of the civil war that was raging there.

“The children were therefore exposed to the dangers associated with war, especially bombing.

“The children directly witnessed the killing of their father in a bomb attack on 10th May, 2017, and only remained unharmed by chance.”

When Laura H. returned to Germany, officials seized her passport and banned her from leaving the country.

Her children were handed over to a close relative, report local media.

The case is due to start on 15th May.

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Story By: Georgina JadikovskaSub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

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