Exorcist Called To Chase Demons From Satanic Fawn Statue

An exorcist has been called in to chase away demons from this ‘Satanic’ statue of a fawn made by a sculptor who once inspired the singer Bjork.

The statue has been made by well-known local painter and sculptor Luigi Ontani, 76, whose work has been linked with Bjork. His latest creation of the fawn that has caused such debate was unveiled a month ago in the village of Vergato near Bologna in northern Italy.

Credit: CEN
The statue is meant to symbolise the Apennines and the nearby river Rhine

Local MP Simone Pillon from the Northern League described the statue as “Satan personified”, adding that it needed to be “covered in concrete”. 

Police have also confirmed they are investigating after the statue was smeared with excrement a day after the exorcism of the statue, that was apparently supported by Forza Nuova, the Italian neo-fascist party.

Local media identified the exorcist as Davide Fabbri, who they said had far-right sympathies and had been convicted for printing and distributing Mussolini’s pictures. 

But the local priest, Don Silvano Manzoni, said that while somewhat frightening, to say the statue was demonic was an exaggeration.

Local paper Il Giornale also reported that on social media the fountain was deemed as symbolic of paedophilia by the fact that a child appeared to be sitting on the back of the fawn, and that the fawn had what they described as an erect penis.

Credit: CEN
The day before, the exorcism has been backed up by Forza Nuova, the Italian neo-fascist party

The 150,000 EUR cost of the statue included 55,000 EUR from public funds, with the rest raised by donations from locals. It is meant to symbolise the Appenines and the nearby river Rhine which runs through the valley with the flowing water falling onto a Triton figure, representing the surrounding local mountain “monte Pero”.

The attackers who smeared it with excrement left a message saying that it was a protest against “your degenerate art and your damned souls” and the note was signed by “the soldiers of Christ who wish to show their opposition.”

The mayor, Massimo Gnudi, said the authorities are investigating and that this whole campaign against a statue is probably political in nature because the European elections are getting closer.

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Story By: Michael LeidigSub-EditorMichael LeidigAgency: Central European News


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