Huge Bladder Stone That Looks Like A Potato Has Been Removed By Doctors

A huge bladder stone that looks like a giant potato has been removed from a Turkish man by stunned doctors.

The operation took place in the Urology Department of Fatsa State Hospital, in the town of Fatsa, in the northern Turkish province of Ordu.

A patient (middle) who had a large potato-shaped stone in his bladder was operated on and the stone was surgically removed in Ordu, Turkey. (Newsflash)

According to local reports, the male patient, name not disclosed, was suffering from pain and urinary problems at home and went to the hospital about the matter.

A team led by Dr Yuksel Sahin examined the man and discovered a very large stone in his bladder.

The medics then carried out the removal procedure and were surprised by the size and shape of the man’s stone.

After performing a cystolithotomy, an open procedure for the removal of bladder stones, doctors pulled out a huge stone that was roughly the size and shape of a potato.

The news company Ordu 7/24 Haber said the bladder stone was around 10 centimetres in size and weighed 80 grammes.

One doctor took a photo of himself holding the object and the large stone is seen covering the entire palm of his hand.

Meanwhile, the male patient was said to be feeling much better after the stone’s removal and is currently recovering from his ordeal at home.

Bladder stones are hard lumps of minerals that sometimes form in the bladder when it is not completely empty of urine. People can experience pain when the stones either irritate the bladder wall or block the flow of urine.

The large potato-shaped stone that was surgically removed from a patient’s bladder in Ordu, Turkey. (Newsflash)

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Story By: Lee BullenSub-EditorWilliam McGee,  Agency: Newsflash

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