German Carnival Float Ridicules Theresa May And Brexit

A carnival float builder famous for his controversial giant model of Theresa May blowing her brains out has again mocked the PM for being a lying Pinocchio who is killing off the British economy.

Carnival artist Jacques Tilly built the display for the giant carnival parade in the German city of Dusseldorf, which was held yesterday [Monday].

Tilly, who is known for building the infamous Theresa May suicide float two years ago in which the British PM held a gun called ‘Brexit’ to her head, has again targeted her on one of his new floats.

Credit: CEN
The float shows Theresa May’s nose impaling the British economy

The float shows Theresa May with a huge Pinocchio-style nose which is impaling a British businessman dressed in an archetypal blue suit and donning a Union Jack hat. The tip of the nose has blood splattered around it and the man’s tongue is hanging out of his mouth.

The man has the word ‘economy’ written on his suitcase, while on Theresa May’s nose the word ‘Brexit’ is written, making Tilly’s message to the Dusseldorf masses who were out in droves to watch the parade quite clear.

A TV commentator narrating the live broadcast of the parade described the float as “Theresa May as a very special female Pinocchio who shows the lying nose and kills off the British economy”.

Tilly himself said the situation in Britain is “absolutely confusing” and “without an end in sight”.

He said: “The current situation, there might be a no-deal [Brexit] soon, is an absolute nightmare.”

Other floats made by Tilly during this year’s parade mocked Donald Trump, the Vatican and the current governments of Poland and Saudi Arabia.

Credit: CEN
The infamous Theresa May Brexit float by Jacques Tilly which featured during the Dusseldorf Carnival parade of 2017

Tilly has in previous years even received several death threats over the messages on his carnival floats.

While those from the region with experience celebrating carnival know that the festival is traditionally used to mock those in power, be it politicians, celebrities or even religions, others who are less familiar with it have sent dozens of angry emails to Tilly.

Some of these messages even included threats like “we will get to you”, while someone wrote their desire for Tilly to be “gassed”.

In Germany, the biggest carnival celebrations can be found in Dusseldorf, as well as in the rival city of Cologne just a few miles up the river Rhine.

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Story By: Koen BerghuisSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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